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U.K.-based Immersive Labs enables organizations to measure their current cyber skills, identify hidden cyber talent and develop new cyber skills rapidly. We chatted with the company’s founder and CEO, James Hadley, about his experience at Atlanta Cyber Week and his perception of the city as a global cybersecurity hub. Here’s what he had to say.

Q. Was Atlanta Cyber Week your first time in Atlanta?
A. Yes.

Q. How many Atlanta Cyber Week events did you attend?
A. Four over the course of the week.

Q. What was your favorite Atlanta Cyber Week event and what made it special to you and for your company?
A. The meetings we held with Georgia Tech, Georgia Technical Authority and local law enforcement. Through meeting local organizations and customers, we were able to see how our cyber skills platform can help academia, commercial and government entities.

Q. Overall, how was your experience at Atlanta Cyber Week?
A. Fantastic. We were made to feel welcome at each event. Our hosts (mayor’s office, Invest Atlanta and U.K. Department for International Trade) were extremely supportive and helped us maximize our visit.

Q. What was your perception of Atlanta overall, and as a cybersecurity city, prior to your first visit?
A. The ecosystem for commercial companies and academia was larger than first expected. Atlanta itself is much bigger than I expected.

Q. Has your perception of Atlanta’s cybersecurity ecosystem changed since participating in and experiencing Cyber Week?
A. Yes – the friendly support from each company and organization in wanting to help each other, even if the companies and markets are totally different.

Q. What would you tell people about Atlanta’s cybersecurity ecosystem if asked? What do you think is the most important fact for other cyber companies to know about the region?
A. It is a developing area for cybersecurity, with many potential customers in the region. There is a lot of support and encouragement for new startups and companies showing innovation.

Q. Do you plan on doing business/opening an office/hiring in Atlanta in the future? If yes or maybe, was doing so a consideration prior to Cyber Week?
A. We are continuing conversations we initiated and hope to introduce our services to academia, government, law enforcement and commercial organizations. If we are able to gain traction, we would consider moving to Atlanta given the investment in cyber in the city and neighboring Augusta with U.S. Cyber Command.

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