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Last week, entrepreneurs, CISOs, government officials and journalists from all over the world came together for the inaugural Atlanta Cyber Week. Throughout the 11 events, #ATLCyberWeek was buzzing on Twitter with attendees sharing their experiences and sessions. Here are the top 10 tweets from #ATLCyberWeek:

10. During a panel at Atlanta Cyber Week, IoT.ATL sat down with industry experts discussing cybersecurity challenges as a result of the IoT.

9. Kathryn Chamberlain came to #ATLCyberWeek from Canada and shared a shot of the panel discussing the importance of collaboration of the private industry and higher education.

8. Megan Malone, a senior associate at EDC, gave a shoutout to Canada-based Beauceron Security during its CIO Product Pitch.

7. The UK Consulate in Atlanta congratulated UK-based Immersive Labs, which attended #ATLCyberWeek and recently won an opportunity with the International Startup Exchange.

6. Local cybersecurity company Authomate INC won the Atlanta award for the FinTech Battle during #fintechATLIRL

5. The coordinator for the economic development team at the Metro Atlanta Chamber shared a great shot from the FinTech Ireland & FinTech Atlanta event from The Garage at Tech Square.

4. FinTech Atlanta Periscoped the event, which shared insight into current innovation trends in the two leading global FinTech hubs.

3. Jorge Fernandez, ‎VP Global Commerce at Metro Atlanta Chamber, attended the breakfast discussion featuring General Raymond Odierno, former Chief of Staff of the United States Army.

2. Sean Martin, the editor in chief of ITSP Magazine, participated on the media panel at Cybercon and shared some engaging shots of the city leading up to the show.

1. And finally, @ATLTechEdge kicked off #ATLCyberWeek by sharing a recent segment on the show with Justin Daniels, John Adams and Patrick Gaul.

To see more of the buzz surrounding #ATLCyberWeek, check out Atlanta Cyber Week’s Twitter moments!

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